Somehow I had three stories get published in 2020 and yet did not update my fiction page for any of them. (What a mystery.) So that’s fixed. Enjoy Where I Cannot Catch Mice, and Ganymede Days, for free. Turtle Hatchlings requires purchasing SpeculativeNorth #2 but it is chockful of excellent Canadian fiction and well worth it.

As for new fiction in 2021: Laura and I have a story coming out in Typehouse, and of course there is Blackout Odyssey this summer. I promise* to do better to update my fiction page.

*unless of course 2021 turns out to be 2020+1 in which case I will continue muddling through as before

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Victoria Feistner is a novelist, a graphic designer, and an artisan in equal parts, although some of those parts are more equal than others. She resides in Toronto with her husband and two fur children, also known as cats.

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