After four years, 128 queries, a year of editing and polishing, and 19 years after the blackout itself, Blackout Odyssey is real. It’s a book, people can buy it, you can hold it in your hands, and put it on your bookshelf.

I may cry.

Come join me tomorrow for the launch party! There’s going to be an interview, I’m going to do a reading, we’re going to swap stories about the blackout (send them to me so I can read them in the stream!!) and drink warm beer in the heatwave, just like that long ago August in 2003.

The launch is officially part of When Words Collide! and so you need to sign up there for a free registration. Connection info will be posted to the FB event, and the stream itself will be on BrainLag’s Twitch channel. All the info is in the FB event, so make sure to click Interested/Going to get all the updates!

To everyone who pre-ordered: thank you.

To everyone who listened to me gripe about submissions and rejections for two years: THANK YOU SO MUCH

To everyone who did both, well, you’re getting bear hugs in person as soon as it is safe to do so. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED <3

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