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A collection of my available short fiction, including links to free-to-read magazines as they become available, and some stories only available here. I write primarily SF and strive for character-driven stories, different viewpoints, and immersive world-building. Also sly humour, because me.

The cover of Blackout Odyssey

Blackout Odyssey

From escaping the underworld to fighting off Toronto raccoons, Mallory’s epic journey home during the 2003 Northeastern Blackout comes with a heavier cost than a replacement monthly pass in this genderbent retelling of The Odyssey!

Now available at Brainlag, Indigo, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, and other major retailers.

Here’s a review from Publisher’s Weekly!

The paperback cover of Creampuffs


Mysterious contractors, a brush with the law, that cute café owner—Michelle’s already working up a sweat, and the gym she’s starting hasn’t even opened yet! Creampuffs is a nerdy comedy novel available on Smashwords and Amazon.


I am a writer, graphic designer, and artisan in equal parts, although some of those parts are more equal than others. I live in Toronto with my partner Lilithe Bowman and our two jerks cats.

You can reach me at v.feistner @ or on twitter: @vfeistner

Grace & Victory

In August of 2013 two Canadian writers discussed exploring the ins-and-outs of publishing using their day-job skills. One editor, one graphic designer, one web minion, and several cups of coffee later, G&V was founded. Check here for their latest release.