It’s here!! It took 450 submissions, several months of editing, and more Timbits than is probably wise, but we did it! Presenting the newest anthology from Grace&Victory: A Quiet Afternoon 2!

The cover of A Quiet Afternoon 2

Twenty-seven all-new comfy, cosy, low-fi stories! Weather magic, heart magic, memory magic. Princesses that save themselves and Irish robots and Scottish giants. Wistful dinosaurs, protective squirrels, frisky kittens; knitting, broken hearts, shops filled with dreams. And the FOOD – Seafood fresh from the sea, Indian delights made by a mother’s loving hands, unmade cakes, and magic pierogi. There is a story for everyone.

It’s our broadest crop of authors yet, too, with writers from Canada to Australia, Ireland to Zimbabwe, America to India, and a variety of points in between. (One day, we will land a submission from Antarctica. One day.)

This year was the first time we tried pre-ordering, and I’m glad we did; it increased our sales dramatically. Enough that we were able to double the amount we had planned to donate. We’ve sent $200 to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society ( and $200 to the Yarrow Intergenerational Society for Justice (, in the hope that more people’s futures will hold quiet afternoons. I’ve never been more proud of a project, both from the quality it represents–the hard work and the talent–and the good it has enabled us to do.

Have a lovely quiet afternoon, where ever you are.

Available now as ePub/MOBI/PDF from PayHip for $9.99CAD. No buttertarts or ice caps were harmed in the making of this anthology.

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