After spending her 20s and 30s coasting from job to job, geeky Michelle has finally found her calling. She’s teaming up with her out-going jock brother Bryan to create Creampuffs, a gym for ultra-beginners and introverts. They’ll need to renovate their sleazy uncle’s old warehouse and figure out how to teach fitness lessons with no budget for equipment, but Michelle thinks that’s all part of the fun. And is it just her, or is the cafe owner next door kinda cute?

But while they learn to manage their dream business, the siblings must learn to work and relate to each other as adults without their parents interfering–a task made all the harder when the warehouse is seized by the police on suspicion of drug smuggling, thanks to their hustler of an uncle. The gym and Michelle’s savings are gone, and her parents and Bryan are no longer speaking to her. Can she come up with a plan to save and reboot Creampuffs, or will she be forced back into her old, ill-fitting life, this time without her brother to rely on?

58,000 words total, posted one chapter a week to Wattpad (links below, updated on Wednesdays)

Chapter One: Michelle’s just been laid off. Her brother Bryan picks her up but takes a detour to show her Uncle Gary’s warehouse, newly and suspiciously for lease.

Chapter Two: The siblings have dinner with their disappointed parents, while Bryan shares his dream for a new gym; Michelle procrastinates on job hunting with new friend Dolores.

Interlude: Cafe owner Justin realizes that dating customers is a Bad Idea.

Chapter Three: Bryan’s potential investor, Douchebag Derek, fails to see the potential of the new gym; Michelle, frustrated with feeling lost, makes a snap decision.

Chapter Four: The siblings create a business plan but are forced to change everything when Bryan makes a stupid mistake while dealing with Uncle Gary. Consoling Dolores, Michelle realizes that there is a need for a gym catering to utter beginners–for people who hate gyms.

Chapter Five: While tackling cleaning out the disused warehouse, Michelle meets the mysterious and somewhat unnerving handyman Leo.

Chapter 6: An accident involving a clogged roof drain and a sledgehammer sends Michelle running to the Java Jones for clean-up.

Interlude 2: Justin, after returning Michelle’s t-shirt and meeting Bryan, gets his wires very badly crossed.

Chapter 7: A successful, if awkward, first day leaves Michelle and Bryan arguing over gym culture.

Chapter 8: Michelle practices the new routines, sells her first six-month membership, and notices something unsettling across the street.

Chapter 9: Michelle teaches an embarrassing class on the day that Justin decides to join the walking club. A stranger hides out in the gym’s washroom and leaves it suspiciously… clean?

Chapter 10: A weird meet-up with an apprehensive Leo and a creepy encounter on the railway tracks leads to an anxious and accident-prone Michelle.

Chapter 11: With Michelle unavailable, Dolores volunteers to teach despite her nervousness, while a review brings in new customers.

Chapter 12: Bryan discovers a weird door in the wall of the bathroom, and someone is staking out the gym after hours.

Chapter 13: Michelle discovers that Bryan has been telling a highly edited (and unflattering) version of events to their parents while Dolores has some unexpected news.

Chapter 14: Uncle Gary makes a creepy and vaguely-threatening Skype call to Michelle; the siblings fight over their parents’ visit.

Chapter 15: Michelle tries to tell Bryan about Uncle Gary’s weird warning only to be interrupted by handyman Leo and a familiar intruder…

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