After three months of being blocked, I’ve finally filled in all the gaps and skipped scenes leftover from NaNo2018, and can now start in on Episode 6, In Which Our Heroes Find Livingstone Stranded on Null Island.

I have no idea what happens after they find Livingstone, mind you, but that’s “not my orchard, not my beans” as Cooper likes to say.

So to give myself the best shot of completing this &%$ing thing while I have the inspiration to do so, I’m going to try to do a mini-NaNo for March, instead of waiting until April for Camp NaNo. (I made myself a graph and everything. I get to colour in squares. I am a happy Biku.)

2000 words a day, M-F, with the weekends off to recharge and/or catch up. I think I can do this. Whether 40K is enough to finish off the plot, your guess is as good as mine; there are several threads requiring resolutions so it may need more. BUT the end of Episode 5 is a Very Good Place to end a Book 1, if one wanted, and Episodes 1-5 are around 85,000 words, which is a nice and sellable length, if I decide to go that route. After the disappointment that is Ashes I’m not making the same mistake twice, and F&C should be readable as a duology.

2000 words is well within my usual daily range during a NaNo and if I aim to double that on Fridays (4K Fridays! They’re back! Summon all the Hiddles gifs!!) I should be able to knock off 40K in a month or even sooner. Provided all goes well. Life does enjoy throwing curveballs.

BUT. It’s forward progress, and I am SO READY. Bring it!!

In other news: I officially have an editor for Curve of the Corridor! The fabulous and funny Joanne Machin has finished her preliminary read (and enjoyed it!! Phew!!) and will be starting on the big developmental editing that Space Crazies desperately needs later this month. No set deadline yet. I’m setting aside the summer to incorporate her edits and hope to have the manuscript ready for queries in time for #PitMad in September. ONE MORE PIECE OF SPAGHETTI TO THROW AT THE WALL!

Speaking of, I’ve sent out my 40th submission of 2019 already (a query for BOO) and it’s only the beginning of March. My rejection count stands at 27 for 2019 and 51 for the FFY. Well on my way.

And finally: #PitMad is on Thursday, so I’ll be flinging Blackout Odyssey at the intertubes once again. I’m hoping for better results than December’s attempt what with a) doing preparation this time and b) the majority of agents are not either on vacation or thinking ahead to their vacation. So wish me luck, and as always, retweets appreciated! Come hang out with me on Twitter on Thursday and Friday!

How is your March starting?

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