An explanation for the Feistner Fiscal Year (FFY), for people who have been asking:

The short answer is from September 1 to August 31.

The longer answer is that I like the energy in September, the fresh back-to-school feeling that’s in the air. The relief from the heat and the frenzy of summer months. I do my best planning in September, and it’s the start of a new year of my life, too, since my birthday is August 31.

Also I hate making resolutions in January; January is, in short, a garbage month. It’s cold and dark and disappointing post-Christmas and I don’t wanna so I won’t.

So some of my yearly tasks count from the Gregorian January 1 (like the 100 Rejections A Year Challenge) and some count from September 1, the FFY. (Usually the bigger career-oriented goals, like finishing a novel or some such but honestly it depends on how I feel. It’s my year system. Deal with it.)

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