I think the hardest part about being on a schedule is not being able to follow my… not inspiration, exactly–I would follow that if I had it–but the itch. I have an itch to sit curled up in the back of of a cafe with a coffee and a journal and a good pen and see what happens. But I don’t have any scenes or even images in mind and more stuff to finish than is good for me so I’m being RESPONSIBLE and CAREER ORIENTED and procrastinating on Space Crazies with every possible responsible career-oriented task I can think of.

Also cleaning. Lots of cleaning.

I’m deep in that pit of a revision where everything is garbaaage~ and I can’t imagine anyone wanting to read SUCH RUBBISH but on the other hand my partner read Space Crazies before it was edited (such a brave and trusting soul) and really enjoyed it. So I need to keep going; the only way out is through (willpower). But I don’t think I have enough chocolate on hand and my regular techniques aren’t cutting through the revulsion.

On a smaller brighter note I found a book of writing prompts in a Little Free Library, and it occurred to me that I need both a) practice writing short stories and b) more material to send out if I am going to make the 100 Rejections In A Year challenge. So maybe I can aim for a short/flash fic once a month–on top of all the other things I want to do…

On that note I should get off the blog and back to editing.

What do you do when you want to do anything else but your priority?

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