Currently I am attempting one last round of edits on Creampuffs, and then I need to write up a query package for it. Then I will do the same for Ashes. Hoping to start sending at least Creampuffs out for September.

And then I start editing the word-trifle that is Curve of the Corridor, aka Space Crazies, in an attempt to not give my editor a heart attack when it lands on her desk.

THEN I start outlining for Blackout Odyssey, which is my NaNo2017 goal (it was supposed to be done for NaNo2016 but Embers and Japan-planning got in the way). I haven’t talked much about Blackout because I’m still trying to pin the shape of the story down, but it’s a retelling of The Odyssey, in the style of Melanie, and set in the big blackout of 2003. I’m going to try making an actual outline this time, not just pants it like I usually do. We’ll see how that goes. (*pause for laughter*)

IN THE MEANTIME because apparently I am ambitious1, I’m also trying to revamp the website a bit and glamour-up this here blag AS WELL AS launch my non-fiction, non-genre site and blog. So let me know if you spot any bugs. Including the ones in my brain.

1. Should I feel worried? I don’t, currently, I feel like I have a handle on things. Is that bad? Oh god, I should be worried, shouldn’t I?

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