Last post, I moaned about how boring editing is. But I ended the moaning with some brainstorming over how to hack the process; perhaps working at the library or some such. Turns out there was an easier solution: threats.

Cutie made a suggestion the next day about creating what we called a dead-man-switch. I’d give them the list of people who asked to beta-read Creampuffs, and then, come April 1st, they were mailing out the manuscript.

Whether I finished editing or not.

There’s nothing like terror, ego, and pride in a blender to sit your ass in a chair.

Combined with the dead-man-switch (there’s probably a better name for it but that’s the one we went with) I decided to use the pomodoro method, which I find very effective. At least 4 tomatoes a day, 5 days a week. Some days, I managed less. Some days, especially around Easter, I did 0. But you know what? Overall? It worked.

I finished a day ahead of schedule.

I still have two scenes that need complete rewrites. Planning to do so tomorrow. Then Friday, I’ll send out the email myself. Next up on the agenda is finishing Embers, and locking myself in a room to write is not something I have a problem doing. But at least now I know what works for next time.

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