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A sample of my SF fiction, updated as stories become available. Links to other sites open in a new tab.

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An atmospheric look into a haunted basement and the secrets in a small town. Check it out here or read the interview.

Published October 8, […]

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Melanie in the Underworld

In a genderbent retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, Melanie must brave the streets and subways of Toronto in search of answers.

First published […]

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The World Tree

A triptych of vignettes, both fantasy and sci-fi, about a dimension-spanning tree, its birth and death, and the civilization grown in its shadow.

Originally published […]

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A journal–of sorts–of survivors of an apocalyptic natural disaster, of never-ending rain and ever-raising waters.

39 was the first short story I sold online. Originally published […]

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