My published fiction as it becomes available – and a sampling of free-to-read stories only available here!

Blackout Odyssey (novel)

From escaping the underworld to fighting off Toronto raccoons, Mallory’s epic journey home during the 2003 Northeastern Blackout comes with a heavier cost than a replacement monthly pass in this genderbent retelling of The Odyssey!

Turtle Hatchlings

Eri can see the ghosts of her ancestors – or so she believes – but her determination to uncover their lives affects her own, until they are forced to intervene.

Ganymede Days

All  they want is to wait their turn to get their prescription filled. But on Ganymede, rife with classism, oppression, and opportunities, tempers can erupt into violence, with life-altering change never far behind.

Creampuffs (novel)

Mysterious contractors, a brush with the law, that cute café owner—Michelle’s already working up a sweat, and the gym hasn’t even opened yet! Creampuffs is a nerdy comedy available on Smashwords and WattPad