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A sample of my SF fiction, updated as stories become available. Links to other sites open in a new tab.

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Creampuffs (on-going)

After spending her 20s and 30s coasting from job to job, geeky Michelle has finally found her calling. She’s teaming up with her out-going jock […]

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Still Life

“…a wrenching and moving and great read!” —Quick Sip Reviews, by Charles Payseur

Set in a post-apocalyptic Scotland, Still Life is about how the stories we […]

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The Girl and Two Geese

A Saphiran fairy tale.

Part of the forthcoming anthology When the Goddess Walked: a collection of Sinferrean stories and companion to Ashes, Embers, […]

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An atmospheric look into a haunted basement and the secrets in a small town.

2,500 words. Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash. Originally posted on Theme of Absence in October 2017 […]

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The World Tree

A triptych of vignettes, both fantasy and sci-fi, about a dimension-spanning tree, its birth and death, and the civilization grown in its shadow.

Originally published […]

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A journal–of sorts–of survivors of an apocalyptic natural disaster, of never-ending rain and ever-raising waters.

39 was the first short story I sold online. Originally published […]

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