What a lousy bag of suck that month was. BUT IT’S GONE NOW AND GOOD RIDDANCE >ptooey<

Despite illness, migraines, rejections, onslaughts of bad news… I did, in fact, manage to finish the final line-edits for Space Crazies. It was a struggle and I had to bribe myself to get it done, but GET IT DONE I DID.


There are a few small presses that are open that I want to submit to, so despite my pessimism I am rolling up my sleeves for one final sling of queries. I do want to hit 50 in my queryometer–having it posted on the door to my office means it mocks me every time I walk past it, so THAT’S IT, Queryometer, YOU’RE GOING DOWN.

Apparently PitMad is also on Thursday? I might hurl a few tweets into the void there as well. It costs me little work and it might lead to a new lead, who knows.

But the bigger picture is that now that I have finished Space Crazies and it’s off my plate, I am free to start editing Fletcher & Cooper! I am so excited, I have missed those little dum-dums.

In case you needed another piece of evidence that Publishing Moves At The Speed of the Gosh-Darned Ice Age: I submitted BOO to a small press back in Feb of 2019 thanks to a PitMad like. They took until July to decide that they wanted to move the manuscript to a senior editor to decide (!!). Then nothing.

I followed up in January, 2020. They said they would get back to me in a week or two with an ETA of the editor’s decision–not the decision itself, you understand; but a timeline to expect the decision.

I have still not heard from them. I followed up with them last week. Still nothing.

In slightly better news, the Aurora nominations are open! If you have a membership, please consider adding Spreading Light to your nomination vote for Short Stories!

How did your February go? Did you finish your goal?

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