I can’t say much else because the ink isn’t dry on the contract, but it’s still exciting! Two acceptances out of 65 short fiction subs (six still pending), out of 173 submissions over all for the year. More details to come.

Meanwhile, I’m continuing with my query package for Space Crazies and proofing the manuscript one last time as #PitMad approaches. The query letter isn’t coming together, and it’s… a cause for anxiety. (Not helping my worry is this will be my fourth kick at the can; it feels like it should be easier, while at the same time I’m floundering as much as I did with he first one.) Still so much to do and I can’t believe next week is December! 2019 has been simultaneously two weeks and two years long.

Also on-going–and way more calming–is the reading for our anthology A Quiet Afternoon! We’re accruing a nice collection of low-fi stories but we definitely want more, and we want to read YOURS. Don’t self-reject! Send us your low-stakes SF!

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