It’s only October.

Took me to December 30th of last year to rack up that many rejections, so hurrah for crushing it this year. Still need to hit 200 subs if I want to cross the big goal out–currently at 157–but I’m on track to start querying Space Crazies this December. I plan to assemble potential agent emails while I am making up my query package in November, and then post-#PitMad start emailing.

I know it seems weird to celebrate rejections to most people but that number represents a hell of a lot of work, work that most people–especially those unfamiliar with publishing–don’t see. It’s the bottom 7/10ths of the publishing iceberg. It represents 157 times I have emailed a person this year with my work, asking them what they think. So yeah, I feel it’s worth shouting about, even if it doesn’t match anyone else’s measure of success.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go send email #158.

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