I’m currently sitting in a restaurant in York, awaiting my first full English breakfast in a very long time–Ean’s first FEB™ ever–and coming down from a high of anxiety. See, this morning was the opening of Pitch Wars, and though this is probably entirely in my own head, it feels like Blackout Odyssey‘s “last chance”.

To add to the pressure, I am on the road without my compy, so I did as much prep work as I could before I left: researched and chose mentor-picks; formatted the sample and the full manuscript to PitchWars specs; wrote individual query letters. All that so on the day all I had to do was attach the files and hit send.

Either I got my wires crossed or the specs were ambiguous because none of that was necessary. There was a form to submit to all four picks at once, which required a generic query letter, a pasted version of the synopsis (which I hadn’t prepped a head of time) and a pasted version of the sample.

Luckily my pre-travel anxiety worked in my favour because I had a back-up plan, namely, a user on Ean’s tablet, complete with authorized chrome login (no phone to do two-factor with!) so I could go into Google Drive and deal with the necessary changes to my plan.

So all’s well that ends well, anxiety spike or no, and BOO is off into the aether for one last time. I don’t expect much, and am anticipating the novel going into a drawer for the foreseeable future, but there’s nothing to lose by entering. So fingers crossed and wish me luck.

Here’s comes my breakfast. That’s a better item for my focus 🙂

See you in October!

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