What a weird and wild session this month has been; I struggled with the first two weeks to get back into the swing of Fletcher & Cooper after months away, but then, last week everything began to snap together in the most satisfying way possible. I could suddenly see the path through, and all I had to do was walk it.

My plan last week was to turn both Thursday and Friday into 5K days. Even if I didn’t wrap up the plot, I wanted to hit my word count and get as close as possible. Good solid college try, you know?

Last Thursday I wrote 4500+ words before my early-afternoon appointment. And I felt like I could’ve done more, but I wanted to pace myself, so I let it rest there, ready to start first thing on Friday. In hindsighed, it was a good choice, because on Friday





I thought 8K would be ambitious, but doable. If I broke the day up into 25 minute pomodoros with a conservative estimate of 800 words per pom, I needed only 10–maybe 11, to be safe–which is 5-6 hours of writing spread out over 12 hours. After a mid-afternoon walk while thinking about the endgame and a whooole lot of coffee, I came home recharged and ended up sailing beyond 8K straight into 10Ktown–blowing past my Camp NaNo 30K monthly goal in the process–and oh my god. It felt amazing. I was literally too giddy to sleep for hours. (That might have been the caffeine too, admittedly.)

And then on Saturday I did another 4K because O.M.G. PLOT.


Sunday I mostly recovered.

Monday I read through the roughly 20K I’d written over three days in a fever-dream, and you know what? It wasn’t too bad! I added another thousand words, mostly in the form of edits/tweaks and then went off to do my Submission Monday work, feeling satisfied that I was on the right track.

And then I sat down this morning and wrote a leisurely 1300 words, all before 10am, and while that might seem anticlimactic after Friday’s big win, this particular set of writing happened to contain two very good words indeed:


Fletcher & Cooper, July 2019

Happy NaNo, faces! Enjoy your summer, stay hydrated, and remember to set goals, not dreams!

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