After the bummer of last week’s post, I’m glad to report a new story out! My flash-fic Ganymede Riots–a sort-of sequel to last November’s Ganymede Nights–is up and free to read at The Future Fire. The magazine is full of fantastic flash and poetry, be sure to download a copy in the format of your choice!

In Space Crazies news–I know a lot of you are anxious to find out how that’s going–I have reached out to a potential editor and she’s currently giving it a read over to see if it’s a project she wants to take on. So fingers crossed there. Said editor came highly recommended by my friend Liz Hirst, who has a book launching soon, that you should also check out if you like psychological horror. I’m trying not to let my previous experiences colour my expectations too much, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Still trying to reorganize my plans for the summer since I have no idea when Space Crazies might come back to me. Maybe I’ll work on some short stories, or edit Blackout Odyssey to try and see if I can figure out how to boost the wordcount without adding anything superfluous. (I’m also thinking I might submit Blackout Odyssey for this year’s Pitch Wars; I have nothing to lose by submitting, after all.)

Things still feel up in the air, but it’s less a panic over too many variables and more a sense that I am free to follow inspiration should any strike. I’ve mind-mapped out some potential priorities to give myself a rough goal list and some structure but until I sort out Space Crazies, things will remain unsettled. Any plans for the summer has to stay in pencil. So it goes! But at least I don’t feel so adrift. Now, if only I could work on that feeling of running out of time…

Current submission count: 83
Current rejection count: 63
Current manuscripts out: 2
Current fucks given: 0
Amount of bubblegum to chew: also 0.

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  • Elizabeth Hirst

    Thanks for the shoutout! I’m glad things are looking up. ?


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