Since Fletcher & Cooper is still not done, and since I managed to do 40K in a month despite:

  • a back injury that put me out of commission for almost a week
  • every goddamn social engagement rain-checked from January and February happening at once (there was one week where I met with SEVEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE after a weekend with a BIRTHDAY PARTY full of people I haven’t SEEN IN YEARS who all wanted to catch up – my March was an introvert nightmare)
  • A HEADCOLD (hooray for writing on cold meds, tho)

…clearly the only solution is to once more attack the keyboard for another month. Luckily this time around is Camp NaNo, so I’ve got a cabin of like-minded peeps to chat with. And I am bringing back 5K Fridays (with gifs!!) because a) I need to build up a safety net of words b) I actually do want to finish this novel ASAP and c) the resulting Twitter thread makes me laugh, so… morale? I guess?


My schedule for April: 2K a day, M-F, with weekends off/for catch-up.

I really do think I am approaching the end of the plot. It’s never a sure thing with me (household writing motto: “WRAP IT UP, FEISTNER”) buuut I have reached the point where the threads are starting to combine, so that’s got me hopeful. Going for a gentle walk with The Pillbug this afternoon so I shall avail myself of the fact that she doesn’t care about spoilers and will plot ramble at her.

Hopefully I can hit The End sooner rather than later. Cutie and I are going to Vancouver at the end of the month and I would kinda like to not bring my laptop with me. Just take a few days to, you know, not work or worry about submissions and all that jazz. (If only there was a name for such a respite from work. I bet the Germans have one.)

May I’ll need to switch hats over to editing Space Crazies (I want it ready to query in September), so I really, really, really need F&C to wind the fuck up. Please, gods of writing. *preps pigeons for sacrifice*

SPEAKING OF both querying and sacrificial pigeons, I followed-up with the agent holding on to my manuscript; she got back to me the next day to say she’s still reviewing BOO but she’ll get back to me soon. (That was a week ago). ‘Soon’ in the publishing world holds no resemblance to ‘soons’ in other fields so Batman only knows how long it will actually take; but I am holding out hope that she doesn’t ghost at least. Hey there, tiny low bar. We meet again.

*taps fingers impatiently on desk, refreshes inbox*

I should also have two stories getting published “soon”, since they were supposed to be published “in spring 2019” and that is technically the season we are in, buuuut I haven’t heard from either the anthology or the magazine in weeks. Guess it’s time to write some more follow-up emails.

But first: writing pomodoros! Those undead dinosaurs aren’t going to write themselves, you know. No matter how much we wish they would. Wish me luck!

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