This is the first year that I even have anything worth considering for awards. Part of me is doing that “oh, but I shouldn’t make a fuss” dance so familiar to female-raised people but part of me is shouting: I have a novelette that is eligible for the freakin’ NEBULAS.

So dang it all I am going to advertise that fact.

My Eligible Works for 2018

Still Life (via GigaNotoSaurus: science fiction; novelette; 13,000 words, approx. 1 hr reading time)

a gripping read that sees this post-disaster scenario in all [its] shades of gray” – Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews (spoiler free)

Two misfits find each other in post-apocalyptic Scotland, discovering what lines they are willing to cross and which they aren’t as they journey south.


Nights Over Ganymede (via Stupefying Stories: science fiction; flash fiction; 350 words approx. <2 min reading time)

As riots break out over the future of Ganymede’s society, only a single question really matters: stay or go?

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