Lots of great stuff this week!

Almost done Week 2 of NaNo. So far the Weepies aren’t making themselves known too badly, which is great; it helps that I know what I want the plot to do for the immediate future and I have several plot threads so that when I get bored of Our Heroes I can switch over to Our Villians or perhaps Our Mysterious Other POVs and I still can add in velociraptors whenever I feel the need (note: this is often. Because velociraptors.) Currently 2 days ahead in word counts, although I am not particularly concerned with word counts this year as I am with hitting all the major plot points. (Which I will remind you I haven’t actually plotted out, so this is something that will only become clear in hindsight.)

In publishing news, my novelette Still Life went live at GigaNotoSaurus! I’ve posted links to it here, along with a link to MY FIRST SOLO REVIEW! (I’ve been reviewed before but as a part of anthology. There are no spoilers in the review and I always find it fascinating what people think my stories are about.)

But that’s not all, my flashfic Nights Over Ganymede (yes, of “refresh all day Saturday fame“) is live at Stupefying Stories! TWO STORIES IN ONE MONTH! Never rains but it pours.

(ALSO Pillbug was VERY PLEASED with the kissin’ novella-prequel-thing. Just in case you were wondering.)

Oh and today I had a very nice rejection for Ashes: “Your work is intriguing and original, but I am afraid it is not for us at this time”. Intriguing! Original! It’s form-letter-y sounding but you know what? I’ll take it.

We had snow flurries in Parkdale today and I have a gingerbread latte to finish and 1667+ words to do today so that I can be 3 days ahead tomorrow. The fact that at this point I am usually weeping into my Festive Holiday drink makes me both pleased and afraid: pleased that Fletcher & Cooper is going well and terrified of what this means for week 3. Will we discover that Weepies denied are Weepies intensified? STAY TUNED

…by which I mean see you next Tuesday. Please feel free to do other stuff in the meantime.

HAPPY NANO and see you on the twitters

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