New fiction is up!

The next piece is also from¬†When The Goddess Walked: a Riveedian fable about the need to persevere called The Mollusc That Climbed A Mountain. Don’t you love the word ‘mollusc’? It’s like a piece of toffee in the mouth but requiring less dental work.

Novels: Blackout Odyssey is out with beta-readers, as is Space Crazies. Probably will get feedback returned in August, so that’ll keep me busy. And then in September I’m finally tackling Embers! I’m pretty nervous about it. I’m still learning-as-I-go with editing and I know already that Embers requires a lot of developmental rejiggering before it’s ready to beta. Wish me luck!

Rejection Challenge: Up to rejection #77! I might start over again from 0 on September 1st. As I’ve mentioned before, I think bright and sparkly September’s a far better time for me to start big projects than cold, grey January, and if I start my major projects in the fall, by the time the long dark days roll around I’ll be in the middle and in a routine, not trying to muster enthusiasm for the beginning. Hack your processes, people! Be the best you that you can be! Who cares what Pope Gregory XIII thinks anyway.

How is your summer going?

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