…. I am really, really tired of February.

But here we are on the 15th. I’m still submitting; I have 12 rejections under my belt so far for 2018 and 21 submissions/queries. I sucked up my fears and am submitting Still Life (got a rejection already!). It’s hard to explain why that one hurts more to send out than others, but it does; maybe it just means more to me personally. Northern Portents has continued to rack up rejections, and I’ve collected enough that say “it’s well written but feels like part of a larger story” that I think I might shelve it until I have enough shorts in the shared universe to put together a Sinferrean anthology. (Which also gives me an excuse to write more Sinferreous short stories.)

Space Crazies is still on hold. Ashes query still proving difficult to finish.

It’s supposed to be mild this weekend so I might do some decluttering or at the very least some deep cleaning. I feel the need to move around more.

Next week we’ll have the first Things I Wish People Would Ask Me At Parties since 2016, so that is super exciting; I have another writer friend lined up for March and one for April. So check in next Wednesday for that 🙂

Cutie and I are talking about planning another adventure–maybe this time to the UK–and just the idea of planning a trip has me excited, even if funds don’t exist for it yet. Planning! Research! Excitement!

Oh and I have that Udemy course on travel writing still to take. Hmm.

February is still a pain in my ass but March is looking brighter and more interesting. Just gotta keep swimming…

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