We did it! We made it to 2018!

I wish I could start the year off on better footing, but the time around Christmas imploded and then I got sick (hands up, the people who are shocked. You can all put them down now.) So Space Crazies and the quilt continues on into January. I did make up a new Action Plan for the next six months: it’s entirely editing. I wish it wasn’t, but it is. No short-cuts, I just gotta do it.

My priorities this month remain: editing Space Crazies, and also getting together Ashes‘ query package so that I can start putting it out into the world, along with Creampuffs.

But first I need to take some more Nin Jeom Pei Pa Koa and go lie down.

Completion Status:

  • editing Space Crazies 33% (page 87 out of 262)
  • Ashes: 0% (0 of 2 components)
  • quilt: 13 squares to go

One Comment for "January 2018"

  • Lilithe Lotor

    You can do it!

    It’s not your fault your family always chooses to tell you at the last 5 minutes of each visit, “Oh by the way your dad has pneumonia,” or something like that.

    This season you collected ALL OF THE PLAGUES!

    They’re like Pokemon, but no fun.


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