No Thematic Thursday for this week, I’m mostly just listening to Noisli while I edit and/or eurotrash electronica while I clean in preparation for Christmas. Next week will likely be more of the same, but I’ll be back to my regular schedule in the new year.

Projects for this week:

  • editing Space Crazies (page 87 out of 262 or 33% done)
  • finishing Christmas cards (done and mailed!)
  • groceries and chores (Friday and Saturday!)
  • setting up the quilt so I can finish by end of year (gotta get on that)
  • creating a personal Action Plan for the next six months before January 1st (oh god so much editing auaaaaghghible)
  • designing a Managing Priorities cheatsheet PDF for January 1st for people to read/download/print out (probably going to do that after Xmas)


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Victoria Feistner is a novelist, a graphic designer, and an artisan in equal parts, although some of those parts are more equal than others. She resides in Toronto with her husband and two fur children, also known as cats.

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