Yesterday my word debt was 6,609.

I wrote 3,062 words Tuesday morning, so my Word Debt decreased to 3,547.

Of course, once the day ticked over that increased back to 5,214. But I think my plan of doing 2,500-3,000 a day is still the right move so that’s what I’ll aim for this morning. Wish me luck!

Today’s Zany Music provided by @marcdfowler: The Incredibles Soundtrack

UPDATE: It’s 11.30am and I’ve done 2 hours of writing for 3,076 words! Which includes the daily goal and then some off the debt, which now stands at: 2,138 below par. I’ve used up the scenes I had notes for, so I might go for a long walk this afternoon and see if I can figure out what to write for tomorrow.

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