First things first: Thor was great.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, my Shark Week showed up late/with a vengeance over the weekend with both cramps + malaise and I haven’t done any writing for FIVE DAYS and I am now 6609 words IN THE HOLE.

So I am going to try and do AT LEAST 2500 words a day until I catch up (and also gulp down advil). Problem: my soundtrack is not zany enough for the hijinks I need to write. Need zany music. Send zany music suggestions!!

Word Debt @ 9.38am Tuesday morning: 6609

Zany song on repeat: Bad Dog, No Biscuit (Cowboy Bebop OST)

UPDATE: wrote 3,062 words this morning, so my Word Debt now stands at 3,547. It’s possible that I might get some more writing done tonight but unlikely.

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