Week 2 of NaNo is upon us, and even with my extremely forgiving goal (of just hitting ‘the end’ of Blackout Odyssey) the Weepies are striking right on time (and also in conjunction with PMS because OF COURSE). Rejections from short stories are hitting hard this week, but that’s not unusual; it’s just another blow to my motivations.

So limited blog this week while I focus my energies into novelling.

Although. There is… Thor 3.

See, last month I realized that seeing Thor 3 in theatres would be the perfect carrot/stick combo to beat the Weepies (namely, if I don’t hit my target word count for the 10th, I can’t go to the movies with all the other faces). So I need to hit 16,667 words by Friday evening. I’m at 43% of that currently. So… that’s my update for the week.

43% of Thor-viewing capacity reached. Stay tuned.

Edit: Thanks to productive outlining, the Pomodoro method, and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, I did 8 15-minute poromoros and brought my wordcount up by 4,747 words. I’m now up to NaNo’s suggested word count and I’m at 72% Thor-vewing capacity.¬†Pomodoros really do work for getting shit done.

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