I spent the past month following a pretty good routine. Phone off at 9pm and left in cutie’s office (not mine) overnight and the following morning. I’m in my chair for 9am with a coffee. Write for 1500-2000 words or until 11ish, whichever comes first. No wifi or social media until after at least a pomodoro or two.

Some afternoons I’d write from 1-3 or from 4-5 but in the afternoons my creativity is low; mornings are best.

Helping me get past that big blockage was both Camp NaNo with a cabin full of super-supportive writing peeps, and the knowledge that I could never write a good enough ending. Only a crappy one that failed to live up to the ending in my head. It’s weird to spell it out that way, but the realization that nothing would be as good as I imagined it would be made it so much easier to just write it out anyway, to be edited later.

There was another realization too, and this is part of the reason why I split Embers into two: Ignition is Praeta’s story, the way that Ashes is Teyssier’s, and Embers is Peri’s. Understanding that shaped how to proceed with the ending, where to focus, and ultimately where to wind up.

Such a weight has come off my shoulders. But there’s a lingering sadness, like watching a door be closed. Even when I go back to edit, it won’t be the same feeling, the curiosity and excitement that comes from wanting to know what’s being the door, what the room holds. I know who’s waiting there for me now; hopefully when I start editing in a couple of months it’ll be like seeing old friends.

But for now… we feast!

*Ignition is the second half of Embers. They’re all working titles.

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