Second Verse, Same As The First

It’s very weird to be back, after 3 months abroad. Everything is basically were we left it; it almost feels like we didn’t go any where. Like it was a dream. A fever dream, since I (of course) got quite sick as we were leaving.

I kept a journal of our trip and I’m planning on launching a secondary blog under my Michaela Mowbray pen name for our travel adventures; I’ll post a link to those when they’re up.

Now that I’ve crossed that particular item off my bucket list (going to school in Japan, if only for two months) I feel more focused on writing than I have in months. Last autumn and winter–I was too distracted, trying to deal with design clients and trip planning and everything and my writing suffered. This spring I have two design clients left and then that’s it; I’m done with graphic design. Maybe forever. Who knows.

What I do know is that while I was in Japan I introduced myself as a writer (“作家です!”) and no one thrust their finger out at me and howled “LIAAAAR”* the way I feared. Calling myself a writer and having people treat the declaration seriously felt amazing; I can’t quite believe I went so long with the ‘graphic designer’ label stitched into my identity, even after I stopped working as such. From now on, it’s writer or nothing.

I’m putting together an Action Plan for the next six months or so. First off the block is Embers/Ignition; I’m hoping to get it finished by the end of May. We shall see.

Anyway. Home now. Dedicated. Sick as dog, but dedicated.

*mind you, there were several awkward conversations from people who wanted to read my books… cue nervous laughter

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