Jim C. Hines, whose blog I follow, recently completed a year of writing full-time, and wrote up a nice little report on the year, and how it’s difficult sometimes to measure successes when one works from home. Obviously Hines, being a published author, is more “successful” than I am, but I thought, maybe I should write down my own accomplishments and maybe I will feel better about them. (I suggested that idea to Cutie who immediately responded with YES, DO IT).

So: a year in review of “things I worked on”.

  • wrote Creampuffs, a full length novel;
  • wrote Northern Portents, a novella;
  • did the design and marketing for Grace & Victory’s “Reading Strange Matters“, a ePub review anthology by Matthew Surridge;
  • did 63K for NaNoWriMo, which would become Embers;
  • worked for two weeks for an agency that was so stressful I nicknamed it the Hellmouth, which brought me to the brink of never wanting to do graphic design work again;
  • edited Northern Portents
  • finished A Curve of the Corridor, aka Space Crazies, a novel I started in 2010;
  • worked for another 6 weeks at a studio that did, in fact, break me from ever wanting to do graphic design freelance ever again and I really mean it this time;
  • edited Creampuffs;
  • did the design and marketing for “Once Only Imagined”, the second collection of reviews through G&V;
  • did the cover design for Keith Weaver’s novel The Recipe Cops;
  • designed a professional website for myself;
  • wrote 70K (in one month!) more on Embers;

and of course:

  • started this here blag.

… huh. It does look much more impressive as bullet points. And it doesn’t even cover all the other incidental projects I had on the go, like planning our Japan trip or my studies. Thanks for the idea, Jim!


August 31st was also my 35th birthday, so it is a perfect time to use as a “year to date” reflection. Here is hoping that my 36th year is as productive and happy as my 35th!

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Victoria Feistner is a novelist, a graphic designer, and an artisan in equal parts, although some of those parts are more equal than others. She resides in Toronto with her husband and two fur children, also known as cats.

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  • Jim C. Hines

    Looks like a very productive year to me! Go, you!


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