A Year In Review

Jim C. Hines, whose blog I follow, recently completed a year of writing full-time, and wrote up a nice little report on the year, and how it’s difficult sometimes to measure successes when one works from home. Obviously Hines, being a published author, is more “successful” than I am, but I thought, maybe I should write down my own accomplishments and maybe I will feel better about them. (I suggested that idea to Cutie who immediately responded with YES, DO IT).

So: a year in review of “things I worked on”.

  • wrote Creampuffs, a full length novel;
  • wrote Northern Portents, a novella;
  • did the design and marketing for Grace & Victory’s “Reading Strange Matters“, a ePub review anthology by Matthew Surridge;
  • did 63K for NaNoWriMo, which would become Embers;
  • worked for two weeks for an agency that was so stressful I nicknamed it the Hellmouth, which brought me to the brink of never wanting to do graphic design work again;
  • edited Northern Portents
  • finished A Curve of the Corridor, aka Space Crazies, a novel I started in 2010;
  • worked for another 6 weeks at a studio that did, in fact, break me from ever wanting to do graphic design freelance ever again and I really mean it this time;
  • edited Creampuffs;
  • did the design and marketing for “Once Only Imagined”, the second collection of reviews through G&V;
  • did the cover design for Keith Weaver’s novel The Recipe Cops;
  • designed a professional website for myself;
  • wrote 70K (in one month!) more on Embers;

and of course:

  • started this here blag.

… huh. It does look much more impressive as bullet points. And it doesn’t even cover all the other incidental projects I had on the go, like planning our Japan trip or my studies. Thanks for the idea, Jim!


August 31st was also my 35th birthday, so it is a perfect time to use as a “year to date” reflection. Here is hoping that my 36th year is as productive and happy as my 35th!

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