Everyone’s probably got a lot to think about today–I for one wish to bury my head in editing and avoid as much social media as possible (and yet here I am, writing a blag and posting on Twitter).

I know many of you are doom-scrolling right now, and feel overwhelmed, so I figured I would slide something onto your plate that’s a bit more pleasant, like a favourite side dish while you’re plowing through your most hated greens (brussel sprouts or similar): we’re launching a new anthology.

Thanks to the support of so many lovely people, Grace&Victory had a very successful outing for our anthology of quiet, low-fi spec fic. So much so, in fact, that we’re excited to do it again! We’re officially announcing A Quiet Afternoon 2, and hope to fill it with even more comfier, cozier, nostalgic-er stories, so that next spring–however the world finds us then, hopefully better–you’ll have even more SF&F stories to curl up with.

Writers, I hope you will take a moment and look over your work and see if something fits, and send it our way. Please submit, don’t self-reject. I promise we will be gentle. 🙂

Speculative fiction; 50-5,000 words; payment $0.01CAD a word to a cap of $30CAD. Find out what we’re looking for and how to submit here.

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