What I Write

Fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism. Striving for character-driven stories, different viewpoints, and immersive world-building.

My non-genre novels (which I write under the name Michaela Mowbray) will be on a separate site, still under construction.

Melanie in the Underworld

“This retelling of the Greek myth of Orpheus’s attempt to save his wife from Hades will grab you by the eyeballs and not let go until the last line.”
Scott T. Barnes for newmyths.com

In a genderbent retelling of Orpheus and Eurydice, Melanie must brave the streets and subways of Toronto in search of answers. Pick up the anthology Love, Time, Space, Magic at smashwords, or read a sample at popseagull.com.

Northern Portents

Set in the world of Ashes and Embers, Northern Portents explores the adventures of Nomi’s father and cohort at the end of the world. For two years they’ll be stationed, the last outpost of the Saphiran Guards, in view of the Fog, surrounded by mountains and forests rumoured to be home to the blue wraith…


In a world of magic, limited metals, and a missing goddess, Ashes is a novel about the emigrant experience and how loyalties are chosen, grown, and tested.

First draft is done, currently with an editor, waiting on the first draft of Embers to beta-launch.


The sequel to Ashes.  A school-teacher decides that she is tired of waiting for the chosen one to bring back the long-lost goddess, setting off for the Fog, and picking up a familiar face along the way…


A novella about perception, reality, and trust, set in a mental hospital where an unknown monster is picking off residents, one by one.

First draft is done, currently being typed up (I wrote it longhand in a journal. This is the point where I was forced to admit I can’t read my own handwriting.)


Currently researching the TO Blackout of 2003 for my NaNo 2016 novel, and also studying Japanese for my upcoming trip (which isn’t about writing, I know, but still taking up research time). If that topic is of interest, feel free to contact me on twitter (@vfeistner) or drop me an email!